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Alcohol Withdrawal Management Guidelines
Epilepsy Formulary Dudley Health EconomyOctober 2012
Anti-dementia medication guidance
Anticipatory Medication STAT dose and Syringe Pump / Driver Guidance
Antipsychotics Prescribing Guidelines for Schizophrenia
Community End of Life / Palliative Care Planning Pathway
Community End of life Drug Authorisation (CEDA) Form Guideline
Community End of life Drug Authorisation Form (CEDA Form)
Depression treatment guidelines
Fentanyl transdermal patches prescribing guidelines
Generalised Anxiety Disorder - Pharmacological Management
Government announces that medicinal cannabis is legal
Headache & migraine guidelines in Adults in primary and secondary care
Pain management in primary care
Parkinson’s Disease in compromised swallow or NBM
Parkinson’s Disease Prescribing Guidelines for use in Primary and Secondary Care
The Parkinson Kinetigraph (PKG) commissioning statement
Valproate Pregnancy Risk - Annual Risk Acknowledgement Form
Valproate Use in Women and Girls of Childbearing Years - Guidance Document
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