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13.1 Management of skin conditions

General guidance

  • Both vehicle and active ingredients are important in the management of skin conditions.
  • The vehicle effects the degree of hydration of the skin, alters (increases or decreases) penetration of the active constituent and may have a mild anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Topical products may contain excipients to which some patients develop sensitisation, especially those with eczematous skin. It is important to check the excipient content of products before prescribing for such patients (excipients are listed in the BNF).
  • The following provides a guide to suitable quantities to prescribe for an adult applying the treatment twice a day for one week.
   Creams or ointments  Lotion
 Face          15 - 30g  100ml
 Both hands          25 - 50g  200ml
 Scalp          50 - 100g          200ml
 Both arms or both legs          100 - 200g  200ml
 Trunk          400g  500ml
 Groins and genitalia          15 - 25g  100ml
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