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Food thickeners

Resource Thicken Up Clear to be used in both primary and secondary care 

Nutilis Clear to be used in hospital

From April 2018 SALT and DGoH are using new descriptors when patients are initiated on a thickener. It is important the information given to patients in Primary Care is consistent to avoid the risk of under or over thickened liquids/foods.

The manufacturers of Resource Thicken Up Clear will be re-labelling their products from the beginning of April to reflect the new descriptors but also to change the standard volume from 100ml to 200ml (so in effect the thickness remains the same but the labelled number of scoops will double). The product, tin and scoop size will not change.

Dudley Group of Hospitals currently discharges patients with the non-formulary Nutilis Clear (which is undergoing significant changes to both its dosage instructions and scoop size). ACE has agreed that once discharged from hospital, patients should be switched to the formulary choice Resource thicken up clear. See link to formulary for approved products

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